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Indoor&outdoor P4.8 led screen led floor dance floor

Indoor&outdoor P4.8 led screen led floor dance floor

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Basic Parameters
Operating Environment
LED Encapsulation
1818 full black led
Pixel Density(dot/M2)
Pixel Ptich (mm)
IP Grade
1 year
Performance and Using Parameters
White Valance Brightness (cd/m2)
6000±10% (outdoor)
Color Temperature (k)
6500~10000 (Adjustable)
Pixel Center Distance Deviation
Brightness Uniformity
Color Uniformity
±0.003Cx, Cy within
Frame Frequency (Hz)
50 & 60
Refresh Frequency (Hz)
1920 (Adjustable)
Life Span (h)
Working Voltage
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle (°)
Working / Storage Temperature (degree)
-20~45 / -30~60
Minimum Circle Diameter (m)
±15° Curving, Dislocation shape

Indoor and outdoor stage LED display, dance floor,
stadium LED display, sky curtain, fixing advertising LED display, showcase LED display, etc.
Product Description
The world's first LED screen with multi-use & various creative shapes
Magic Stage series LED display can be easily used as sky backdrop curtain, dance floor, stadium screen, a screen that is avaliable both indoor and outdoor, a screen with various creative shapes, etc. It shows infinite possibility, it can bring you the maximum value of LED.
1.Multi Scene Application
Magic Stage series led screen can be used as the indoor and outdoor stage LED display, dance floor, stadium LED display, sky backdrop curtain, fixing advertising LED display, showcase LED display, etc. And it would be more convenient and fast, with using "Magic Stage Multi-function Mounting Frame".

2.The LED Display with Multiple Creative Shapes
With unique multi holes design, together with easy operating connectors, can make multiple creative shapes such as ±15°Curving, up and down, left to right and front and back dislocated installation. Apply with right-angle screen, triangle screen and sector screen to achieve a wide range of creative designs. Not only can make flat screen, dislocation and arch shape, but also the flat and curve polygon, sector, etc. Break through the limitation of a traditional idea of stage design, which is the implementor of innovation designs.

Multiple creative shapes for normal main screen, heart Shaped screen, curved arches screen, "15" shapes screen.

3.HD Visual Feast, Adjustable height, Convenient maintenance
High resolution brings exquisite display effect, make your stage magnificent.

Pixel density can be up to 43264 dot/ m2,Viewing angle of 160 degrees.
Using Magic Stage multi-function mounting frame, make the floor height adjustable.
Can be easily removed by using the suction box.
4.Simple and fast installation
Connect two units only need a twist, that would only take less than 10 seconds. And easy maintenance, it is easier to replace cabinets than repairing the LED module during the live events.

5.Strong and Stable, Safety and Reliable
Magic Stage is enough strong and stable, and the soft cushion on the top can protect the athletes when they collide with the screen accidentally.

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