inflatable rubber mould for making concrete pipes

inflatable rubber mould for making concrete pipes

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Pneumatic tubular form is used for making concrete pre-casting formwork projects in culvert bridge construction.

Pneumatic tubular form is made from natural rubber and fabric. In general, it is formed by three layers(1+2=2layers of rubber and 1 layer fabric): inner layer is high strength synthetic polymer fabric withstanding the force from concrete and air pressure. Outer layer is vulcanized rubber. Rubber hardness is about 65Shore A to keep its excellent features, such as soft, durable, wear-resistance.
If your concrete slab is thicker, it should be manufactured in 2layers of fabric and 3layers of rubber(2+3).
Standard specification
1- diameter from 0.2m to 3m,(round)
2- total length from 1m to 28m(round)
3- other specifications are also available according to clients' request.

1) Design scientific and reasonable
Concrete culvert casting with pneumatic tubular form can meet the requirement of design, easy operation, save work, save time, save material.
2) Have good ageing resistance performance and long service life
Pneumatic tubular form is made from synthetic rubber, natural rubber and strengthen fabric, It has good strength, elasticity and flexibility, so it can be used in all kinds of working conditions.
3) Widely working temperature , -10~+80 degeree.
4) For building light-duty construction provides favorable conditions to stress hollow concrete component, due to the rubber mandrel, the weight than use stress solid component light 20%, so it can reducing the weight of the upper structure of building, can make the pile foundation short, increase span, make the construction become simple and safety.
5) Construction technology is simple, safe, health, use it only need a few simple tools, without special process.

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