Infrared Whiteboard

Infrared Whiteboard

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Product Details

Model: PH-7800 
Size: 78inch 
Effective Size: 73inch 
Aspect Ratio: 4:03 
Effective Touch Area: 1469X, 1142Y, 72.0diagonal inch Effective Write Area: 1611X, 1284Y, 78diagonal inch 
Short-cut Keys: Bottom Side 
NW: 34kg 
GW: 3kg 
Mobile Floor Stand: optional

Precision 		(+/-)0.05mm		
Tracking speed		180 pps		
Resolution		4096 × 4096		
Response Time		25ms by first click, 8ms by continuous click			
Object size can be induced 		>=3mm, recommand 5mm				
Touch life 		>=60,000,000 times per point						
Input/Output connection		USB Cable(30 meters max)/RF 2.4GHz wireless module		
Tracking Speed 		12m/s
Power Supply									
Power Supply		USB		
Voltage		DC 4.6V ~ DC 5V		
Working Current		<=100mA		
Power consumed 		>=1w		

System Requirements								
CPU		X86 based processors, pentium III or above					
Memory		256MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended)				
HDD		1GB free space		
USB		At least one free USB Interface	
Projector		Not specified		

Working environment									
Operating Temperature		-10 °C to 45 °C 
Storage Temperature		-30 °C to 60 °C 	
Light Test		Incandescent (220V,100W), operating distance  350mm				
Altitude		<=3000m					
Operating environment		"Can work in daylight, while working in the 
indoor and outdoor environments."

* Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.
BKD # 347775
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