Injection Molding Machine Controller LNC-IN5800

Injection Molding Machine Controller LNC-IN5800

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The Most Competitive All In One Model  
LNC-IN5800 injection molding machine controller is the most competitive all in one model 

which offers high quality design and excellent functions for you to operate machines 

much more easily. Also LNC-IN5800 gives you 8CH analog Input, 40CH ( standard ) digital 

input,and max could be 128 CH. The most special one is LNC-IN5800 has 2 CF card for 

storage device for you to save more molding documents and datas. 

New Perspectives with Real-time Linux kernel

Professional Real-time Linux kernel offers stable and high effective cores inside to 

give you anti-noise performance on HMI interface. 
All picture preview graphic design let you communicate with machine just do it all with 

a touch. 

We care-Spare Motion Control Connect

LNC-IN5800 is your future, we spare motion control connects for you. You can control 

servo motor's movement without adding external independent controller. We think for you 

and save money for you.

We are GREEN-Spare Saving-energy Module Connect

In order to create green and clean world and also save expenses for you in long-tern 

consideration, we have different International brand of inverters for selection. You can 

use our spare energy-saving connect to increase performance.

Easy-to-Use Interface and Auto Adjustment

Incredibly intuitive point-and-click user interfaces that even first-time users will 

find extremely easy to use.
Speedy auto adjustment function - Save more time for you on adjustment working process. 

Get onto the system in mere seconds from the time you press the power button !
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