instant soy sauce powder

instant soy sauce powder

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It uses the pure brewed and fermented soya sauce as the raw material, through compound, embedding, spray-dryness processing, it full-bodied soya sauce fragrance and ester fragrance. It is very convenient for transport, storage, and use. So far, it has been exported to some countries and gained high reputation from our foreign clients.

Instant soya sauce powder is a goodish seasoning both for industry and family. It is very simple to use this item:1KG instant soya sauce powder mixed with 3KG water and 0.25KG salt, we will get 4KG soya sauceAminophenol nitrogen 0.4g/100ml,Salt:16g/100ml.

Shot term storage for family---heating the soya sauce to boiled and store into the glass bottle when it is hot.
Long term storage for factory---Heating the soya sauce to 85 degrees and preserve for 40 minutes, cooling to 60 degrees and adding 4.5% edible alcohol packing will be ok.

Its advantages as follows:
1) The newest product in China (Unique in the world)
2) Convenient for distant transportation
3) The tariff in powder 8%is lower than in liquid 28%---China as an example
4) High quality at proper price

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