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Instant Water Kettle

Instant Water Kettle

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ARR-166 instant heat water boilers/kettle Features:
1. 3 seconds boiling water outpouring, water temperature can reach above 95degree
It is 380 times faster than aluminum kettle, stainless steel kettle, and 60 times faster than electric kettle
2. Energy saving: It avoid the problem of cook a lot of water but drink less. Compared to traditional fast electric kettle, this machine could save 40% electric energy for two people drink, 30% for three people, and 20% for four people.
Usage Safety: The human body is absolutely stay away from electrified parts, and even isolated from ground zero line, to ensure safety.
Health and environmental protection: Instant-use, avoid repeated boiling
Usage: designed with a 2.5L water tank, flexible placement, real-time-use.
Four security protection:
Water tank protection:

When the water level is below the standard minimum level, the water control system will alarm, the machine stops working in order to prevent dry burning
NTC electronic anti-dry system:
When the electric membrane surface temperature is greater than 120%, the negative temperature coefficient NTC transfer instructions to the microcomputer control chip, electric thick film heating element will stop working, to prevent water boiler dry burning.
Mechanical thermostat dual anti-dry protection system:
When the NTC protection is not working, water boiler automatically enters the thermostat safety protection system. Thermostat with bipolar structural protection design,when a failure on the first state protection, it will automatically into the second state protection prevent dry burning.
Anti-scald protection:
When children use the water machine, click the Child Proof key, machine will not work

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