Intensive Mixer

Intensive Mixer

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Rubber kneader is mainly used for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic refining and mixing, blending, also suitable for various kinds of low viscosity materials of blending. The equipment is widely used in rubber products industry, such as: cable, tape hosepipe, rubber shoes, seal, etc. Also suitable for paint, dyestuff, ceramics, medicine, magnetic tape, a film production mixed etc.

The machine is an ideal mixing equipment for rubber and plastics. New, and various performance indicators are reached, or close to advanced level of the same products abroad. 
The advanced and reasonable design, little space, convenient installation high production efficiency, easy operation and reliable. Mixing chamber is clear and easy to change color. Cooling, heating, sealing effect is good, especially for new seal structure design. Mix evenly dispersed and adopt totally closed structure, safe and greatly improve the working environment.  It is for long service life.

(1. With completely sealed condition, materials are mixed or plasticated under certain pressure, controllable temperature, which makes high production efficiency and obtains excellent quality.
2. Spiral angle and over lapping length of the blades of the rotors are of reasonable design and make the materials to bedispersed uniformly.
3. Surface where is contacted with the materials are all platedwith hard chromium and polished, which is corrosion-resistantand wear-resistant.
4. Jacket construction is adopted in parts that surfaces contactwith materials to achieve excellent water-cooling or steamheating effect and fit in with the needs of plastics and rubberprocessing technology.
5. Feeding from back door on the frame(or a separate top door)is convenient for continuous process operation in aproduction line. The mixing chamber is able to turn forward by 140 aroud the front rotors to discharge and is easy for changingpigments and cleaning the chamber.
6. Programmable logic controller(PLC) is adopted in theelectric-control system, which has reliable control function andalarm function, and interlock safety-protection function and itis provided with serial interface of net.)
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