Internal HDD Enclosure (backplane)

Internal HDD Enclosure (backplane)

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NA140A   Native SATA Hot-Swap Enclosure
NA141A   SATA-to-IDE Hot-swap Enclosure
NA142A   1* Native IDE + 2* SATA-to-IDE Hot-Swap Enclosure
NA143A   Native IDE Hot-Swap Enclosure
NS140S   Native SCSI Hot-Swap Enclosure 
NA150A   Native SATA Hot-Swap Enclosure
NA153A   Native IDE Hot-Swap Enclosure
NA154A   2* Native SATA + 7-in-1 Card Reader
NS150S   Native SCSI Hot-Swap Enclosure
NA155A   Native SATA Hot-Swap Enclosure w/Infiniband4X host connector 

* Aluminum housing, anodized surface, benefits for cooling and durability 
* Backplane design for four(Nx15x) or three(Nx14x) removable, hotswappable SATA/IDE/SCSI drive trays in three (Nx15x) or two(Nx14x) 5.25" spaces
* Built-in fan for self-contained ventilation
* Individual key lock of each HDD tray for physical security
* Dual LED indicators on each HDD tray
* LED Indicators for FAN or TEMP monitoring
* Buzzer (FAN stop or TEMP over 45 degree C) alarm with MUTE button
* HDD fail signal (host controller card must support this function)

- <3-in-2> 6 cusioning boxes with handhelds per carton
- <4-in-4> 4 cusioning boxes with handhelds per carton

International Standard: CE, FCC

Place of Origin: Taiwan
BKD # 121

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