Iron ore crushing plant

Iron ore crushing plant

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How is iron ore turned into pig iron? The mined iron ore need total of six process: crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, gravity election, and then be able gradually to elect iron. In the process of production of pig iron, we firstly need crushing and milling by ore crusher and mill. In addition, during the mining of iron ore, but also need to use the shaker for beneficiation. The crusher is an important mechanical of the iron ore mining and pig iron production. The purpose of the iron ore crusher is crushing the big ore into small ore, and then become the powder, the last step is iron ore powder for magnetic separation, flotation, etc.. The final separation is the extraction of iron powder.

Iron ore crushing process
The primary break is the first step in the iron ore crushing process, and we recommend jaw crusher of this process. Jiangsu zhongbo produced jaw crusher has the widest range of applications. Secondary broken means iron ore secondary crushing, which generally use the cone crusher with high production, fine broken granularity. Finally, screening process, we generally adopt circular vibrating screen as a screening device. Screen the first break and two broken fines in order to achieve the most economical mode of operation.

Iron ore grinding
Iron ore ball mill is the concentrator preferred grinding equipment, which has characters of simple operation, high grinding efficiency, smooth running, very good application. Iron ore mill is fit for grinding all kinds of ores and other materials, and are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry . It can be divided into dry ball mill and wet mill. According to the ways of discharge, it can be divided into grid type iron ore ball mill and overflow ball mill two kinds. The main composition include cylinder, end caps, filter plates and out of the feed screw, main bearings, main bearing, gears and other parts.

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