Irregular/Strange Shape Tempered Glass

Irregular/Strange Shape Tempered Glass

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The tempered glass is a kind of safety glass that through ordinary glass by rapid heating and then rapidly cooling, compressive stress in the glass layer formed on its surface ,its mechanical strength and improved thermal shock strength ,it has a special status of the debris.

Glass Type : tempered glass
Glass Structure : 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm etc.
Transmittance: 50%-90%
Reflectance: 7%-20%
U-Value: 2.00-5.00W/m2.K
Color: blue,grey,green,clear,ocean blue,gold,yellow,etc.
Certificate: ISO9001-2008 Certificate,CE,CCC
Warranty: 20 years

    1. Security. When tempered glass destructed by external force, its fragment becomes that the similar honeycomb-shaped dependents obtuse angle pellet. Reduce greatly injury to human body's.
    2. High strength. For the same level thickness, in anti-shock strength the tempered glass is as 3~5 times as simple glass, in the bending strength is 3~5 times too.
    3. Thermal stability. The tempered glass has good thermal stability, the temperature difference that it can bear is as 3 times as common glass and it can withstand over 200 temperature difference between the change.

Application range:
According to the formed characteristics tempered glass can be divided into flat tempered and bent tempered glass. It is widely used in high-rise building doors and Windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator channel, furniture, bathroom, household electric appliances, etc.

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