K-feldspar Crushing Plant

K-feldspar Crushing Plant

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K-feldspar sand making machine introduction

K-feldspar sand making machine is the latest development of the new generation of sand making machine, which can break sand materials ,all kinds of stone ,hardness of which are less than 7.0, including: K-feldspar, quartz, calcite, granite, basalt, limestone river gravel, cement clinker, iron ore, bauxite ore. K-feldspar sand making machine is the main equipment of the artificial aggregates, highway, railway, water conservancy, airport, construction, cement, refractory, metallurgy and other industries to provide high-quality aggregate in line with national standards. Before making sand, it needs primary crushing. We recommend the most commonly used jaw crusher.
K-feldspar application
The use of K-feldspar is extremely broad. After break by crusher and sand making machine , potassium feldspar can be processed into construction sand and gravel aggregate, sand particle size 1mm to 30mm, and adjustable discharge size can be controlled . Grinding can be processed into potassium feldspar powder, potash feldspar, potassium feldspar powder particle size can reach 500 -1200 mesh , that can be used in the production of ceramic products, glass products, or production of potash.
Potassium feldspar Sand Making Machine working principle
When K-feldspar sand making machine works, it is driven by the motor and the rotor is in high-speed rotation. The material are brought into the first crushing chamber and crushed by rotor plate hammer, and then enter into the second crushing chamber to smash. In the crushing process, not only form that materials are crushed with the board hammer and lining of the impact crusher, but also complete that material are crushed with each other in each plate hammer and crushing cavity. Finally the products in line with particle size are dischared from the discharge port.
K-feldspar sand making machine performance characteristics
(1)Potassium feldspar sand making machine is characterized by stable and reliable operational performance, process simplification, simple structure and compact, easy to replace parts and easy maintenance, easy to move. It changed three level broken into two level broken, and has large production capacity with long life hammer, friendly environment , energy saving to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional system that sand equipment is only applicable to the raw material of the soft rock.
(2)The new high efficiency sand making machine belongs to sand ,stone dual purpose machine. That means it can both produce sand material, and produce stone. Besides that, it has the advantages of the unique structure of high-chromium plate hammer, unique counter-liner, special inertia impact balancing device, the unique ease of disassembly maintenance window. Exhaust particle size can be adjusted to simplify the crushing process.
(3)This dual-use machine, compared with the equivalent traditional scale processes sand making machine, can save energy of 30% to 60%

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