KAPSAN Furniture Legs and Accessories

KAPSAN Furniture Legs and Accessories

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KAPSAN Furniture Accessories Ltd. Co.
Metal Is Sanayi Sitesi 11. Blok No:13 Ikitelli, Istanbul, Turkey
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Serhan Kurusa
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KAPSAN has been rendering industrial manufacturing services especially for furniture, wood, hardware and construction sectors by providing its Accessories and Fittings which are in plenty of diversity. Some of significant products for furniture industry and for the other sectors are as follows;

- Table and Furniture Legs (Metal Table Legs, Metal Coffee Table Legs, Metal Furniture Legs, Aluminium Furniture Legs, Bingo Legs, Plinth Legs, Table Panels etc. ) 
- Shelf Connectors and Accessories (Metal Shelf Pins, Shelf Connectors, Glass Shelf Supports, Door Stoppers, Inox Flanges for Glass etc. ) 
- Wardrobe Components ( Wardrobe Tubes and Flanges, Tube Fittings, Metal Tube Holders, Hooks, Tube Caps etc. ) 
- Furniture Accessories (Plastic Cable Cover Up, TV Revolving Base, Aluminium Slats)
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