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Knee Support

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1)This Adjustable Patella Knee Support features four flexible spiral stays for added medial/lateral stability. 
2)Lends minor ligament support and helps relieve the symptoms of chondromalacia, patellar subluxation and patellar tendinitis. 
3)It also features a 13 " long 3/16" thick neoprene sleeve. Two adjustable hook and loop straps can be tightened for an accurate, individual fit ensuring stabilization during 
4) an adjustable wrap around neoprene sleeve with velcro straps for a snug fit
5)The knee support Neoprene range features premium quality neoprene. This offers the best possible combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort. knee support Neoprene has a unique spiral lining which is critical in removing excess sweat which avoids skin problems and is more comfortable to wear. 
6)The knee support 5mm Neoprene Knee Support (open kneecap) has an open knee cap which allows ventilation to the front of the knee. This knee support also has a contoured 3 piece design that provides a comfortable fit with specific support around the knee cap. The knee cap itself is free and prevents too much direct pressure on the knee cap. 
7)The knee support 5mm Neoprene Knee Support (open kneecap) provides therapeutic heat and compression which can ease knee pain caused by a knee injury or mild knee arthri

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