Koolertron DV Camera Stabilizer & Load Vest & Arm for Nikon D700 Canon 5D2

Koolertron DV Camera Stabilizer & Load Vest & Arm for Nikon D700 Canon 5D2

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This camrig set included a stabilizer and a load vest
This magic carbon fiber stabilizer is easy to hold and operate. The powerful capacity and high-flexibility allows all-round stable shooting
This load vest is simplified, with a thinner chest plate and a single knob to adjust its height. It is more flexible to operate. The structural design of the single-arm steadycam features 14 high precision bearing, allowing more flexible operation. The arm can be collocated with the magic handheld stabilizer together
The length of the stabilizer can extend quickly for shooting at a higher angle
Stretch adjustment improves weight ratio, and reduces the clump weights greatly
High-precision imported bearings, low-friction joints
The quick release plate with mark can record the dynamic balance for different equipments
Bidirectional base plate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any direction
Pulling the adjusting knob can separate the quick release plate form the base
Allows high and low angle shooting
Counterweight plate with clump weights
Comfortable handle
The stabilizer is made of high-strength and lightweight car-bon fiber
Can be extended more features and functions
Easy to install and uninstall
The fixing knob can be used to adjust height of the vest
With two connection arm and one shock absorption arm
The load arm can be inserted into the slots of the vest easily
The inner diameter of handle is 16mm, which connected with the arm pin
Magic arm with elasticity adjusting knob

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