KTA-800 Imtach MOPO CUBE 800mA

KTA-800 Imtach MOPO CUBE 800mA

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#Battery Cell: Rechargeable Li-polymer
#Battery Capacity: 800mAh
"# Two operation model:
a, Offer Power mode : Only supply power for iPhone working, without charge to the internal battery of iPhone, in order to extend the iPhone's internal battery cycle life (charge frequency will easy damage internal battery cycle life ) and working time.
b, Battery Charging mode : Emergency charging to iphone 38 ~40%
capacity within 55 min ."
# With Pass Through Charging function
"# Data syncing & Pass Through Charging function while MP800 connected
between iPhone/iPod with Laptops "
# check the battery capacity by shake the MP800
# Input Charging Voltage/Current:Micro USB 5V/0.45A
"#Charging Time: 2 h ( single charge ) / 4~5 h ( iPhone4 and MP800
both be charged ) "
#Output Voltage: 5.0~5.2V
#Output Current: 500mA
#Output Capacity: 5.1V/0.5Ahr
"#Capacity indication: 0~80% charging: Orange / over 80% charge : Blue
100~20% discharge : Blue / below 20% discharge : Orange"
# Low self-discharge ,can be store 1 Years Without Using
# guarantee 1 year

mail: eric dot zhang at imtach dot com

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