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KTA-8800 Imtach MOPO CUBE 8800mA

KTA-8800 Imtach MOPO CUBE 8800mA

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Imtach MOPO CUBE products
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#Battery Cell: Rechargeable Li-polyper battery / 1450mAh
#Battery Capacity: 31Wh,8800mAh ,6S1P
#Input Charging Voltage: 9~20V
#Charging Time: 2~3H
#Charging indication: 1pcs green/red LED. red: charging;green: full
# Two Output port : a. DC OUT port b. USB OUT port
#4 scales output fixed voltage8.4V, 12V, 16V, 19V
# Output Current of DC OUT port : 4A(Continual), 4.2A(Max.)
#Output Capacity:8.4V-3.3 Ahr, 12V -2.3 Ahr ,16V-1.7Ahr, 19V-1.4Ahr
#Output Voltage/Current of USB OUT port : 5.25~5.4V/1.2A
#Capacity Indication: 4pcs blue LEDs
#Three Charging Ways: Travel/ Car/ Solar Panel charger
# With pass through charging function in door,that is to say,it can charge and power your device in the meantime,and will charge your device internal battery fully in priority,also it can charge the MP8800 from AC power adapter.
# With uninterrupted power system functionfor loading device,that's to say , MP8800 will power your device in time if the AC power shut down to advice your device from shutting down.
# Low self-discharge ,can be store 1 Years Without Using
# guarantee 1 year
# Certification: CE,RoHS

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