LA-120 Wetting and levelling agent

LA-120 Wetting and levelling agent

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Product Details

physical property

composition: Poly(dimethylsiloxane) ethoxylate
active ingredient: 100%
flash point: >110C
Density: 1.05 g/cm3,25C
Appearance: transparent solvent
Refraction Index:1.455

1. Low molecular weight, water soluble, Fast leveling effect can be appeared when using in water or solvent based coatings.
2. Extremely low surface tension. Lower the surface tension of water to 17-20dynes/cm2 after added 0.1%, so it has the properties of wetting, penetration of substrates and spreading.
3. It can improve leveling of the coating, also can solve the defects of floating after added it. It can improve the spraying flow phenomenon, and also can solve the frame effect.
4. It also have unique effect to improving the coating shrinkage hole, does not affect the re-coating.

Applicant scope
Wood paint, industrial paint, leather paint, automobile paint, UV coating, ink and other system

Usage method
1. Recommend adding amount: 0.1-0.5% ( The total amount of formula)
2. It can be added at any stage, but it should be mixed under high enough shear stress.
3. Users should make series of experiments to determine the best ratio because of different formula system.

Package and Storage
1. Package: 25kg/drum or 180kg/drum
2. Storage: This product contains volatile solvent, so far away from heat, no fire. Store in sealed container, dry and ventilated condition.
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