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laminating machine

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This machine reference advanced models of the internal and external research and development of high-performance dry laminating machine,mainly suitable for BOPP, PET,nylon,CPP,CPE,aluminum foil, paper roll film material of two or more layers composite formation packaging material with excellent characteristics of high strength,high preservation and resistant to cooking.Performance features:This machine around the dual frequency control motor drive,oven film tension automatic control pressure sensor.the first unwinding independent rack,optical correction,magnetic powder brake to control tension.second unwinding adopts dual discharge Unwinding tension magnetic powder brake control,the composite duplex simultaneous discharge of yin and yang bags can be made.coating unit with anilox roller with scraper coating method, blade orientation adjustment structure.three sections of open-top oven thermostat gas cap,and out of the wind stratification negative pressure design,secondary air,both to save energy and reduce residual solvent content.composite pressure roller and evenly coated pressure roller adopts dual air cylinder lamination.winding torque tension motor pressure sensor detects the closed-loop control.The main technical parameters:
Machine Model ZYAY1050B
Max. Mechanical speed 150m/min
Max .Recombination velocity 120m/min
Guide roller width 1100mm
max.Unwinding diameter 600mm
The closing volumes diameter 600mm
Paper core size Inside diameter
outside diameter 72mm
Max.Unwinding tension 20kgf
Total power (electric heating) 70kw (normal 35kw)
Air supply pressure 0.6Mpa
Water supply pressure 0.2Mpa
Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) 8000 × 2500 × 3800mm
Machine weight 7800kg

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