Laser Marking Machine for Fabric & Textile

Laser Marking Machine for Fabric & Textile

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1. High marking speed, clear character that will never be scratched.
2. touch-less processing ,low pollution,no abrasion.
3. Easy to operate, best solution s of anti-fake marks for product.
4. Automatic and high-speed moving, low cost for production;
5. high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality and large working area.

Applicable Materials:

Textiles&Fabrics, Wood&Plywood, Rubber, Plastic, Acrylic, Films&Foils, Foam, Paper, Packing box, Leather, Arts &crafts, Electronics parts, Non-metal materials, and bamboo products, touch screens etc.
Above includes materials commonly processed by laser, for questions on other materials please contact an applications specialist.

Please note that you should contact the supplier directly about stock, payment, packaging, shipping and delivery details.
BKD # 798888
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