Laser Marking Machine for Fabric & Textile

Laser Marking Machine for Fabric & Textile

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1. High marking speed, clear character that will never be scratched.
2. touch-less processing ,low pollution,no abrasion.
3. Easy to operate, best solution s of anti-fake marks for product.
4. Automatic and high-speed moving, low cost for production;
5. high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality and large working area.

Applicable Materials:

Textiles&Fabrics, Wood&Plywood, Rubber, Plastic, Acrylic, Films&Foils, Foam, Paper, Packing box, Leather, Arts &crafts, Electronics parts, Non-metal materials, and bamboo products, touch screens etc.
Above includes materials commonly processed by laser, for questions on other materials please contact an applications specialist.
BKD # 798888

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