Leather Cloth Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Leather Cloth Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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Product Details

Multi function shoes material and cloth piece engraving and cutting machine (ZJ(3D)-160100 LD)

Product Feature

During the processing for leather, shoe material and cloth, traditional method is engraving and punching on materials which were already cut. These technics include complex procedures such as cutting, positioning, engraving and punching, which have problems of wasting time, wasting materials and wasting labor power. 
However, ZJ(3D)-160100 LD Multi-function Engraving Cutting Machine solves the above problems. It perfectly combines layout, engraving & punching, feeding materials together and saves 30% materials compared with traditional technics.
Equipped with laser cutting head, processing efficiency will be further improved.

Application Field

Suitable for engraving and cutting a wide range of materials, such as textile fabrics, home textile, carpet, leather, fur, jean, suede, shoe material, upholstery and automobile interiors (car seat cover, car mat, rug, pillowcase, etc), etc.

Technical Parameter

Laser type	Co2 RF metal laser tube 
Laser power	100W / 150W
Cutting area	1600mm×1000mm
Cutting table	Pedrail working table 
No-load max speed	0-420000mm/min
Repeating location	±0.05mm
Motion system	Offline servo system, 5 inches LCD offline display
Cooling system	Constant temperature water-chiller
Power supply	AC220V ± 5% / 50Hz
Format support	AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, etc.
Standard collocation	Two sets of 1100W exhaust fans
Optional collocation	Auto-feeding system

E.M.A.I.L: cngoldenlaser(at)gmail(dot)com
BKD # 369356

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