LECA (light Expanded Clay Aggregate) production plant

LECA (light Expanded Clay Aggregate) production plant

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ceramsite production process
Raw materials of ceramic production are mainly shale, clay, fly ash, industrial waste, river silt. Different raw materials and products of its production process performance indicators are also different.
In general, clay shale (siltstone and claystone of the mixture) of the extruded larger magnification, small bulk density, good insulation properties, but relatively low compressive strength of cylinder can be used to produce non-load bearing hollow block products. However, some areas are dominated by siltstone and shale raw materials to produce ceramic body weight, for the production of load-bearing block, beam, plate and so on.
Shale ceramsite production
Shale ceramsite production process is as follows: Mining-->primary crushing--> Secondary Crushing-->Screening -->temporary-->Feeding )-->calcination--> cooling-->finished screening-->stack-->Transport (equipment bags). In operation, should be noted that the volume of feed, the amount of coal, kiln speed, the wind volume matching relationship between them so that they adjust to the best of the process state. With fly ash and other industrial waste produced ceramic is many years of research topics relevant parties.
Today, high-strength, lightweight fly ash ceramic has successfully come out, the performance indicators are better than the shale and clay ceramic. Which in addition to master the technical requirements, the additive is also the main reason affecting their performance. Admixtures including adhesives, bulking agent and mineralization agent. Different components of fly ash composition of its admixtures are not the same.
Fly Ash ceramsite production
Production of fly ash production process is as follows: raw materials (fly ash admixtures quantitative) -->mixing mill -->granulating-->calcination and swelling--> stacked--> transportation (bagging) . Production of fly ash ceramic kiln should use binoculars, that the preheating and kiln drying section individually control its speed, so that state control of raw materials according to their warm-up time. Clay ceramic in recent years due to limited land resources, have been banned in some areas for production and use.
However, some areas can take advantage of river mud, mountain soil and other waste production. The process is: mixing material --> granulating--> Screening --> calcination--> stacked --> transport (packing). Should be observed in operation, to prevent the agglomeration of the material in the kiln to affect quality.
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