LED rope light

LED rope light

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Round with 2 wires, round with 3 wires, square with 2 wires, Flat with 2 wires,flat with 3 wires, flat with 4 wires,flat with 5 wires of red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, RGB color.

36 LEDs/M ,72 LEDs/M

110V or 230V.

LED roe light is the plasticity line which adopts extremely high degree semi-conductor to give out light the diode(LED) match PVC material a manufacturing type adorment lamp is in the last several days to rise of a kind of new illuminate light source, belong to 1 kind of cold light source, is the high-tech content product that the new world generation replaces the rice bubble rope.
Advantage is as follows:

1,super give high economy energy, each time a grain of 0.04 Ws with only LED power is a common rice to steep of 1/10.

2,The life span is super to grow.the LED chip life span is up to for 100,000 hours,under normal circumstance, the life span of LED rope light equally can reach to for 30,000 hours.

3,the credibility is enduring:LED rope light fastens solid light source, there is no the glass hull of rice bubble, resistant to cold, bear collision, it si high-qualitied to don't need a maintenance lamp.

4,color pure and unadulterated, have a sense of vision atmosphere.

5,Have fever quantity small, LED electric power 80%-90% converts into it is thus clear that light,but rice bubble only have 10%-20%

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