LED Rubber Band Helicopter

LED Rubber Band Helicopter

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1. How to play (use) LED Rubber Band Helicopter (instructions): folding LED Rubber Band Helicopter into spiral shape, holding the tail of helicopter with right hand, stretch rubber band tightly with left hand. (notice: do not point to any people); let off your right hand, then launching this toy into air with its rubber band (elastic band), watch it fly into sky lit up by its Led light. When this flying light up helicopter rocket reaches maximum height with 30-50 meters, its blade open and it drop to the earth again while spinning very fast. This Led slingshot toy night flyer is very hot. Nobody especially kids, children or even adult can reject such a miraculous gift.

2. Packing: 1200pcs/ctn.

3. LED color: single blue.

4. Body colors: assorted, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange.

5.Features: more thickness wings, more durable rubber band and helicopter body, with super bright LED light.

6. Size: 2.1*16.7cm length.

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