LED Taxi Message Sign

LED Taxi Message Sign

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LEDs Group Co., Limited
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B301, Hongyi Business Center, No.4, Guanyu Rd., Zhongshan AV., Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510665, China
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Call: 86-20-39884478
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Liam Ye
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Product Details

1. Application: indoor use for taxi, car or bus, high brightness
2. Wide voltage input range, DC12V-24V for taxi and bus, 80V-240V(50Hz-60Hz) for general use, e.g. bank
3. Resolution: 128 x 16 pixels, single line with 8 characters to display
4. Color: R, G, B, R&G and RGB full color for choice
5. RS232/485 communication interface, Wireless communications (optional), off-line work
6. Aluminum housing and frontal acrylic matte
7. Multiple languages: Support Chinese, English, Spanish, Russia, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and more
8. Able to display text, graphics and animation
9. Programmable via either PC or remote controller
10. Display actions: Snow, spray, twinkle, rotate, scroll, star burst, wipe, interlock
11. Auto run, auto-action, auto-color, and auto-center
12. Fonts in block, decorative, upper/lower, slim/wide, double
13. Built-in clock, temperature, brightness sensor (auto brightness or manual)
14. Auto on/off and time scheduling
15. Flash memory capacity: Max 100K characters
BKD # 205367
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