Light Wave Beautifier (Model: BL-300)

Light Wave Beautifier (Model: BL-300)

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Lightwave Beautifier is another widely used apparatus in cosmetics field. People apply the Lightwave to remove the flecks on the skin and abnormal skin color. The treatment of Lightwave is that the near-infrared light is transmitted into the deep layer of the skin. Thus, the energy by these near-infrared lights can be brought to the deep skin and to be absorbed by the organization of the skin. By the treatment of Lightwave, the skin color can be improved and the skin condition is also promoted. As Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator, our Lightwave beautifier device also shapes as a portable size. Daily use at home and for traveling are both satisfactory.

Main Function
1.To remove the flecks
2.To beautify the skin
3.To remove the facial wrinkles

This Lightwave Beautifier is lately considered becoming the trendy cosmetic device. With the efficient and extraordinary effects, the flecks or the wrinkle can be removed after a period of application. Further, the skin color and the skin condition can be promoted to a better condition by the lightwave energy. Want you skin shiny? Try our Lightwave Beautifier!

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