Light Weight Wall Material Making Machine

Light Weight Wall Material Making Machine

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Zhengzhou Dearye Heavy Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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200m east of No. 107 Auxiliary Rd, Nansan Rd, East Economic Technical Development, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450016, China
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Euipements: stocking raw materials, mixing, molding, forming, cutting, evaporating and curing, crane cramp, transporting etc.,
1        Product weight is according to 600kg/m3 to control. 
2        annual capacity 200,000M3.
3        set raw material proportion: cement 6.5%, raw lime 23%, flash 68%, gypsum 3%, aluminum paste powder 350g/M3.
4        water and material rate 0.631
5        one mould product 2.88M3
6        Casting slurry cycle time 5-6 minutes, cut cycle time 5 minutes.
7        casting slurry temperature 38-42 degree
8        body quiet stop. Time is 1.5-2.5housr, temperature 50-90 degree, after quiet stop body strength is 0.15-0.18Mpa
BKD # 348306
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