Limestone Ball Mill

Limestone Ball Mill

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Limestone ball mill features

1.Fineness control of the limestone ball mill
Mill stability and the corresponding Ball Mill water flow are the key factors to ensure the mill limestone particles stability, and usually the following two kinds of methods is available to adjust the fineness of the limestone.

A. change the speed of the recirculation pump in limestone slurry preparation system. First and secondary recycling boxes are equipped with 2 sets of recirculation pumps with slightly different speed, recirculation pumps by using a different speed (especially the two recirculation pumps) can change cyclone inlet velocity, thus fine-tune the fineness of the final product.

B. increase the number of the puting into use secondary small cyclone tube so that each swirl tube inlet velocity is decreased, which will lead to particle coarsening in the overflow; Conversely, reducing the number of secondary cyclone tube cast , each swirl tube inlet velocity increased, and will lead to the overflow of particles thinner. Practice has proved that the increase or decrease a swirl tube, make fineness changed significantly.

2.Power consumption and the steel ball wear
Compared with the common ball mill, wet limestone ball mill, the total power consumption without a larger proportion of ventilation power consumption, instead is a small water and limestone slurry conveying power consumption, so the total power consumption is low.

Ball abrasion quantity is related to the composition of ground materials. The main component of Limestone is CaCO3 and MgCO3, and the main impurity is SiO2, A1203, Fe203, etc., which are all greater hardness of minerals, so the steel ball wear a larger amount of wet ball mill.

3.The amount of water flowing through the limestone Ball Mill
Through the ball mill cylinder, running water is an important parameter of the mill, and its amount reflects the the carrying capacity of solid particles. Larger quantity of water, higher water flow velocity , the more solid particles carried out from ball mill, thereby cause the system to increase circulating rate ; The smaller water volume, lower water flow velocity, the less fine solid particles will be carried out of ball mill, so some qualified particles will still remain in the cylinder, which is unhelpful to ground into fine particles , resulting in reducing output, unit power consumption increasing

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