limonite beneficiation line

limonite beneficiation line

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The term "limonite" is not a mineral species name but usually is goethite and water goethite's collectively.Because these small mineral particles, it is difficult to distinguish, so collectively referred to as limonite.Limonite iron content is less than the magnetite and hematite, but because it is loose and easy to smelting, it is also an important iron ore.The following is a limonite beneficiation line process.

1. limonite high intensity magnetic separation

With the development of new and efficient dry and wet high intensity magnetic separation equipment, high intensity magnetic separation process is simple,easy to operate, the popularization and application, but marginally improve the quality of the concentrate, and for-20um iron mineral recovery rate is poor.
For example, the iron ore mined the limonite ore grade of about 46%, was processed by the two-stage crushing, two-stage screening output-25mm +10 mm and-10mm two broken products, rare earth permanent magnet strong magnetic separator roller dry magnetic separation operation process.

Production proved that -25 mm +10 mm grain is available to obtain iron grade of 52.00% of the bulk concentrate, -10 mm grain more than 50% of the powdered concentrate, comprehensive recovery rate of 85.00%above, the resulting the mine resource utilization increased by 11 percentage points.Limonite concentrator generated grading 0.315 to 0.04 mm granular products by crushing - Wind  used strong magnetic separator magnetic roller for magnetic separation, from 28.00% to 29.00% of the grade iron ore, concentrate iron grade may be raised to 42.00%.

2. Limonite Selective flocculation - intensity magnetic separation
For low-grade fine disseminated limonite, only finely ground in order to obtain high-grade iron ore concentrate, while at the same time will produce mud phenomenon, which led to lower recovery.The selective flocculation - intensity magnetic separation process can significantly improve the recovery of micro-fine iron minerals, to overcome the shortcomings of strong magnetic separator selected micro-fine iron minerals poor.The key technologies of the implementation of the process is selective dispersion the flocculation of control and strong magnetic separator sorting conditions (mainly to the mine, and rinse water).

3. Limonite Restore magnetic roasting - low intensity magnetic separation
Restore magnetization roasting - low intensity magnetic separation processing limonite is more effective method, but due to the higher cost of the beneficiation process, which has not been widely used, especially magnetic roasting of limonite basic technicalindustrial applications.Foreign iron ore fluidized bed furnace and kiln magnetic roasting technology, limonite fluidized bed furnace-stage magnetic roasting, roasting the ore particle size of 30mm, about 39.00% of the iron grade, roasted ore grinding - magnetic separation, the concentrateiron grade of 61.00%, the recovery rate of 70.00% or more.
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