Live sheep and lamb

Live sheep and lamb

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The Inner Mongolia Silingol Prairie of China is one of the most ancient nomad regions in the world. It is very famous natural grazing ground, its natural landscape is extremely beautiful with dark green grass wave and fresh flowers in full bloom everywhere which decorate the vast and enchanting prairie. Here territory is vast with lush plants and beautiful water, it is unpolluted natural prairie with the most completed primary vegetation preservation and the richest feeding plants in the temperate prairie of the world, it is praised as " the pure land in the Eurasian land ".
Sheep here, due to eat many kinds of more nutritious plants for a long time, is big in body with characteristics of Anti- freeze and cold resistance, its body is plentiful, the meat is compact, thin but no stiff, fat but not greasy, it tastes delicious without mutton smell. It is our first choice and purely natural and unpolluted green raw material in mutton food in our country.
Our company owns the living sheep reservation base in the Silingol prairie, undertakes the reservation duty of the high quality living sheep for our country. Our company also built a mutton processing plant which uses up-to-date equipments following the halal slaughters. The mutton processed is bright without mutton smell. It has not only high protein, high nutrition, low cholesterol but also has many kinds of amino acid ingredients which the human body needs.
We warmly welcome all friends come to visit us for further cooperation in transaction of live sheep and lamb or frozen mutton.

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