Longtech LCD module 16*1

Longtech LCD module 16*1

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LCM1601A Specification:
Out Dimension: 80.0*36.0 
Viewing Area: 64.0*13.8 
Dots Size: 0.55*0.75
Character Size: 3.07*6.56
LCM1601B Specification:
Out Dimension: 122.0*33.0 
Viewing Area: 99.0*13.0
Dots Size: 0.92*1.10
Character Size: 4.84*9.22 

LCM1601G Specification: 
Out Dimension: 151.0*40.0 
Viewing Area: 120.0*23.0
Dots Size: 1.15*1.76
Character Size: 6.00*14.54

1. 1-line x16 characters display; 5x8 dots with cursor;
2. Built-in controller (SPLC780D or equivalent);
3. +5V power supply(Also available for +3.3V);
4. 1/16 duty cycle;1/5bias;
5. TN, HTN, STN or FSTN mode;
6. BKL to be driven by pin15, pin16.
BKD # 622280

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