loss voltage alarm EM3000

loss voltage alarm EM3000

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Product Details

1. With environmental protection and energy saving, electricity stealing protection functions. 
2. With over current, over voltage and current unbalance alarm functions.
3. Build in temperature induction module, and high- temperature working alarm.
4. With tamper switch alarm.
5. Electrical degrees and total kilowatt-hour metering
6. Monitoring three-phase voltage, three-phase current, connecting high voltage, heavy current through the Potential Transformer (PT) and Current Transformer (CT).
7. The system has power failure working protection functions. When the power wire was damaged or due to other reasons, the backup battery can still continue to work and recharge automatically.

II. Technical Parameter

Alarm Type: SMS alarm
Alarm Time: less than 8s (GSM network normal)
Standby consumption: less than 1W
Standby current: 60mA
Backup battery: 12V/800mA (Lead-Acid cell)
Standby battery Working hours: more than 10 hours
Operation environment:
 Temperature: -30centigrade to +50centigrade;
 Humidity: less than 95 percent
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