Low slow small targets defence system AUAV - Portable

Low slow small targets defence system AUAV - Portable

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Use rapidly: boot into work state, without waiting;
Frequency coverage: support for multiple frequency interference, it covering mainstream unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) spectrum;
Power supply lasting: using lithium batteries, electromagnetic can change the design, can be a long time outdoors;
Using portable: interfere with the host and the antenna separation, it can be used single bearing;
Artificial engineering: human body engineering design, the operation is simple and convenient;
Mode optional: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from models and landing;
Interference distance: transmitted power is adjustable, interference from 800 ~ 1200 meters;
High hit rate: 360 degrees of omnidirectional detection and interference, no aim accurately.

Performance index:
Control range: GPS/GLONASS/Galileo L1, beidou B1
Transmission power: 6 w, biggest three gears can be adjusted
The equivalent radiation: 52 dBmW (2.4 GHz), 41.2 dBmW (1.5 GHz)
29 degrees, the horizontal beam width: vertical 25 degrees (2.4 GHz),
Interference from 800 ~ 1200 meters
Interference pattern: unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) from models and landing
Power: 85 w
Telescope ratio: maximum adjustable nine times
Weight: 5.0 host, antenna, 5.0 0.9 battery
Working temperature: - 20Centigrade~ 55 Centigrade

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