LS10-15 Completely automatic brick forming machine

LS10-15 Completely automatic brick forming machine

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Technical Parameters
PLC automatic control computer
Technical description
It combines the advantages of various models. The machine is improved in its utility and stabilization by introducing advanced hydaulic technique from Japan and Taiwan Province as well aslots of new technologies and handcraft on the basis of China¡¯s national conditions under the efforts of expert team who makes arugments, study and testing developments in many aspects. Both the newly-designed hydaulic proportion distribution systerm and PLC intelligent control systerm make the machine move forward in a big step. The machine can be operated by people who is tained in short time instead of by the professional technicians, which attributes to the combination of our ten-year practical experience and international developing trend. The output concret crafts is of high quality and harmony, which helps to improve working efficiency.

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