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Magic Sponge

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You take out your "white magic sponge" and get that stain out! That magic sponge is actually made of a substance called melamine foam, compound of chemicals specifically made for its weird texture. White magic sponge forms into a block of solid tiny fibers. Using these, that magic sponge is eroding the stain off the surface.
However, white sponge does not have just one use. It is extremely fireproof, and because of the air between the particles, it can be used as a sound proofer, because it absorbs and blocks sound. Melamine foam is also used as insulation for pipes because it cuts down on noise and vibration.
Honestar white magic sponge was first used for cleaning purposes, but then the use spread all around. So it seems that from that stain on the floor, to the pipes in your walls, we owe a lot to white magic sponge.

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