magnetic flap level indicator

magnetic flap level indicator

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FL300 series conventional type
FL300 series conventional type
FL 300 series conventional type level transmitter is a kind of firm and durable liquid level indicating transmitter with simple structure. It employs metal tube structure and has scale, magnetic flap and magnetic floater for indicating level or interface. It can also mount level transmitter and level switch. And it is suitable for measuring level or interface within open or closed pressure vessels.
Product features
Firm and durable quality, modular design, easy to install and maintain
The measuring cavity is independent and sealed, less leaking points and superior safety performance
Withstand pressure from -1 to 50 bar, withstand temperature from -40 to 400
Multiple anti-corrosive material options
Precisely manufactured magnetic floater with accurate buoyancy, 360° toroidal magnetism, even and stable magnetic field and highly resistant to pressure
Clear yellow/black indicating panel, encapsulated in vacuum glass tube
Many kinds of remote level sensor or switch can be connected online for sending electric signals.
The process interface meets ANSI or DIN standards
Specification & parameters
Pressure resistance: -1~50bar
Medium temp.: -40~400
Medium density: min 0.5 S.G.
Interface measurement: density difference min 0.1 S.G.
Measuring range: 0~6m
Steel pipe dia.: 60.3mm
Display tube material: polycarbonate tube or vacuum glass tube
Standard accessories: 1/2" pipe plug. Drain valve and vent valve are optional
Flange connector: can be provided as per ANSI and DIN etc.
Indicator: standard indicator can display as cm size and it can be replaced on line
Heat insulation measure: heat preservation and heat insulation jacket is provided
Optional external instruments
MES302 Magnetic level switch
MES305 Anti-explosive magnetic level switch
MLT700 Magnetostrictive level transmitter
Reed pipe level transmitter
Product application
Boiler water level
Process tank
Steam cracking
BKD # 622026

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