magnetic level indicator

magnetic level indicator

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FL300 Series top mounting type
FL300 Series top mounting type
FL300 series top mounting type magnetic flap level indicator is directly mounted on the top of vessel. The floater fluctuates on liquid level (or interface) and it drives the magnetic connecting rod to fluctuate so that the magnetic steel within the magnetic connecting rod drives the magnetic flap indicator in the principle of magnetic coupling. The indicator intuitively indicates the liquid level or the interface level within the process vessel with yellow and black colors. It can also form a set to realize remote transmission and automatic control.
Product features
Top mounting can be applied to special underground buried tanks, vertical tanks and horizontal tanks
The floater is comparatively large without magnet inside. It recommends assisting measurement with carbon steel static well above DN100
Top mounting is greatly different from other mounting conditions, so users have to take the overall immeasurable area caused by upper and lower immeasurable areas of floater into account
With respect to the immeasurable area, the lower is about 250mm and the upper is about 250mm
Specification & parameters
Pressure resistance: -1~50bar
Medium temp.: -40~120
Medium density: min 0.5 S.G
Interface measurement: density difference min 0.1 S.G.
Measuring range: 0~6m
Display tube material: polycarbonate tube or vacuum glass tube
Standard accessories: 1/2" pipe plug. Vent valve is optional
Flange connector: can be provided as per ANSI and DIN etc.
Indicator: standard indicator can display as cm size and it can be replaced on line
Optional external instruments:
MES302 Magnetic level switch
MES305 Anti-explosive magnetic level switch
MLT700 magnetostrictive level transmitter
Reed pipe level transmitter
Product application
Underground petroleum tank
Chemical storage tank
Horizontal ammonia water tank
BKD # 622028

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