magnetic level transmitter

magnetic level transmitter

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FL400 Series double cavity type
FL400 Series double cavity type
With respect to very important processes such as high temperature and high pressure occasions, it suggests that 2 kinds of level gauge with different measuring principles are employed for carrying out redundant measurement. Multipurpose FL400 series double cavity level measuring system is recommended. One set of FL400 measuring system can simultaneously provide onsite display, magnetostrictive remote transmission measurement and guide wave radar remote transmission measurement, of which 2 kinds of redundant measurement in different principles can ensure the validity of measurement of important working conditions.
Product features
Two magnetic flap indicators can be simultaneously used for measuring liquid level and interface
The second cavity can employ level transmitter with different principle to carry out redundant measurement
The first cavity can install transmitter and switch for level control at the same time
Only one port is needed for multiple kinds of measurement
This system is normally used for level control of key industrial process
Specification & parameters
Pressure resistance: -1~350bar
Medium temp.: 0~485
Medium density: min 0.3 S.G.
Interface measurement: density difference min 0.1g/cm3
Measuring range: 0~6m
Steel pipe dia.: tailored, and the wall thickness is calculated according to pressure
Display tube material: vacuum glass tube
Standard accessories: double gate valves and pipe plug is employed for draining at high temperature and high pressure, which effectively prevents leakage
Flange connector: can be provided as per ANSI and DIN etc.
Indicator: standard indicator can display as cm size and it can be replaced on line
Heat insulation measure: heat preservation and heat insulation jacket is provided
Optional external instruments:
MES302 Magnetic level switch
MES305 Anti-explosive magnetic level switch
MLT700 Magnetostrictive level transmitter
Product application
Boiler water level
Process tank
Steam cracking
BKD # 622031

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