Magnetite beneficiation production line

Magnetite beneficiation production line

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Magnetite beneficiation process configuration:
Magnetite beneficiation line consists of  jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, dryer, magnetic separator, flotation separator, concentrator , and other major equipments, with the feeder, hoists, conveyors can form a complete mineral production line. The line has a high efficiency, large capacity, economical advantages. The actual situation can be designed according to customer needs.

Magnetite beneficiation Process Description:
1.Mining magnetite by jaw crusher is preliminary broken to a reasonable size then through lifting machine, vibrating feeder evenly into the ball mill, for ore crushing, grinding.

2.After fine grinding by ball mill, the magnetic iron ore is expected to enter the next process: classification. Spiral grader with the principle that different proportion of solid particles have different precipitation rate in the liquid, wash and grade the mixture of magnetite ore.

3.when the graded magnetite mixture pass through magnetic separator, due to different magnetization coefficient of a variety of minerals, it separates the magnetic material from the mixture by magnetic force and mechanical force.

4.Through mixing drum, the magnetic separation concentrate is fed into the flotation separator. Using cationic collector agent of reverse flotation process, to obtain cationic collector reverse flotation of iron concentrate and middling, then handle the middlings by anionic collector reverse flotation process, to obtain anionic collector reverse flotation of iron concentrate, and discharge tailings. Cationic collector reverse flotation of iron ore and anionic collector reverse flotation of iron ore are combined to get the final high-quality iron concentrate.
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