Manganese Chloride (Anhydrous Pharm Grade)

Manganese Chloride (Anhydrous Pharm Grade)

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Manganese Chloride (Anhydrous Pharm Grade) 
Product Name: Manganese chloride anhydrous 
Molecular Formula: MnCl2
Molecular Weight: 125.91
Properties: pink powder with high hygroscopicity; melt at 650 degree centigrade and sublimed at above 650 degree centigrade; will release chlorine hydride gas and generate trimanganese tetroxide when heated in the air.
CAS NO.: 7773-01-5
Standard: USP29, HG/T3816-2006 standard
Assay(MnCl2)	99%
Sulphates(SO42-)	0.01%
Ba (Ba2+)	0.001%
Iron(Fe3+)	20 ppm
Heavy metal(Pb2+)	20 ppm                
Ca (Ca2+)	250 ppm 
Mg (Mg2+)	100 ppm
Zn (Zn2+)	200 ppm
Insol. in water	0.05%
Moisture (H2O)	500 ppm

Use: catalyst, paint drier, the material of gasoline anti-shock agent, feedstuff auxiliary, reagent. dye, pigment, metallurgy of alloy, brown black brick, medicine and battery

Packing: 25kg/plastic woven bag lined with double-layer high pressure polyethylene bag, 

Storage: non inflammable explosive chemicals. sealed in cool dry airiness place, normal chemicals, avoid rain and insolation
BKD # 347859
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