Manganese Dihydrogen Phosphate (Mazhev salt)

Manganese Dihydrogen Phosphate (Mazhev salt)

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Manganese Dihydrogen Phosphate (Mazhev salt)
Product Name: Manganese Dihydrogen Phosphate (Mazhev salt)
Molecular Formula: Mn(H2PO4)2.2H2O
Molecular Weight: 284.94
CAS NO.: 18718-07-5
Properties: white to gray white or reddish crystal, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohols; can absorb moisture; corrosive. 
P2O5 46-52%
Acidity 25, Insol. in water6%

Use: used in the phosphorizing treatment of steel product, especially for large scale machine, int can anit rust 

Packing: in plastic woven bag lined with PE, net wt.: 25kg/bag(drum), or upon clients' requests. 
Storage: Sealed, in cool dry airiness place, avoid rain and insolation.
BKD # 347871

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