Manual paint dispenser

Manual paint dispenser

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Technical data:
Application: Water or Oil Colorant (1-24 types)
Maximum high of can: 350mm
Drum capacity: 2.3 L or 1.75L (12,14,16, 20, 24 cans is optional)
Maximum discharge rate: 2 fluid ounces (1Y=29.574ML)
Optional measure: Y & ML
Accuracy: 1/192Y & 1/384Y fluid ounces & 0.1ML is optional
AC Power: 220V\110V 40W Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Net weight: 80kg Gross weight: 120kg
Product size: 1350(H) x 860(W) x 860(D)
Packing size: 1400(H) x 950(W) x 950(D)
Container loading: 28sets/20` 61sets/40 `GP 68sets/40`HQ
Features :
Metering pumps are made of stainless steel ,It is suitable for all kinds of colorant types.
Double-pump and double-gauge instruction Ensures stability and accuracy.
Automatic rotating blades ensures distribution of colorant equally and without deposition.
Colorant tray can automatically rotating and fixing, More conveniences on operation.
Manual control interiors case supports many be moved up and down easily ,which provides enough space for paint dispensing of different size.
Double ceramic valves resist colorant erosion , with efficient leakage protection

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