Marine Water Heater - Bigger

Marine Water Heater - Bigger

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Diko Large Volume Ship Model electric water heaters are special products designed form marine usage. Here below in the table, some kind of common features of a Diko Marine Series water heater are compared with classic electric water heaters used in miscellaneous areas.

Classic Electric Water Heater and Boiler
DIKO Marine Series Electric Water Heater and Boiler

Inner Tank; Glass or Galvanize lined steel Galvanize lined or Stainless Steel

Outer Jacket; Electrostatic Epoxy powder coated steel Electrostatic Epoxy powder coated Galvanize steel, or Stainless Steel

Electric Control Panel; Electrostatic Epoxy powder coated steel Electrostatic Epoxy powder coated Galvanize steel, or Stainless Steel

Contactors and Relays; Standard electric contactors and relays Lloyd certified Contactors and Relays

Signal Lamps and Switches; Standard signal lamps, buttons and switches All water resist covered IP 65 signal lamps, buttons and switches

Temperature Display; Standard digital or analog display
Water resist digital temperature display

Electric Cables; Standard electric cables Tin covered corrosion resistant marine grade cables

Control Voltage; 220 V or higher operating voltage
24 V reduced control voltage for safety Electric Control Panel Box Unprotected panel box IP 65 water resist, full enclosure panel box cooled with air circulating fan and conduction

Diko Ship Model water heaters are;

* Efficient: Serves you plenty of hot water with out using extra energy. Because most of the DIKO Marine Series products uses wasted engine coolants as an energy sources by circulating hot water, steam or oil through the thermal circuit serpentine exchangers immersed in the inner tank. Accordingly, they serves you plenty of clean hot water without using electricity power. Manuel power level control switches enables you to independently operate heating resistances. That provides the heater not to overstrain generator when it is not needed. Besides, the inner tank is isolated with polyurethane material to minimize the heat looses and maximize the efficiency.

* Durable: Considering the corrosive effects of the marine environment, all the materials used in the construction of DIKO Marine Systems water heaters are carefully chosen and manufactured with extra attention. Besides the inner tank, outer jacket and the electric control panel is electrostatic epoxy powder coated galvanize steel or ASTM 304L stainless steel. So the water heater resist to corrosion even if its jacket or outer parts are scratched or its paint damaged. Round tank design provide to withstand more pressure than square tanks. Additionally thermal circuit serpentines are manufactured from hot rolled ASTM A106 seamless steel tubes which are resistant to high pressure and temperature.

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