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massage hammer

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Product characteristics:
* Gentle and elegant design of device body makes the device body be more flexible and portable.
* Human engineering design, streamline handle that can prevent sliding, satisfying massage at
any angle and part.
* Soft and powerful massage at adjustable speed can penetrate into the muscle deeply and
provide you with comfortable and effective massage.
* The massage head is made of innoxious engineering plastic, which is applicable to each part
of the body.
* Various kinds of massage such as shiatsu, point, multiple points and contact type massage etc.
can be made at the same time.
* Soft far infrared thermal therapy function to beautify skins and restore elasticity of skins.
* The massage head incorporates magnetic therapy function, with newly-developed built-in
health magnet to improve human magnetic field with prominent effect.
* Good effect and high efficiency, set with strong and weak level to adjust the strength of
massage and satisfy different requirements.

Main functions:

* Effectively alleviate muscle pains, relieve fatigue and restore vigor.
* Vibrated hammer type massage can smooth the channels and collaterals, and effectively
improve blood circulation.
* Far infrared thermal therapy beautifies the skins and effectively restores the elasticity of skins.
* After the use, please make sure to pull out the power plug.
Remove the fatigue due to fierce sports and relax muscles.

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