medical gas manifold

medical gas manifold

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Medical Gas Manifold in the hospital mainly used in oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and other gases, which belong to the high-voltage equipment, it is the role of high-pressure gas pipeline through the decompression device and a relatively stable pressure delivery to the gas terminal, the general convergence Pai, including fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual are 3 types: 

1.    For two-way air and toggle between automatic design, applied to bottled gas .
2.    With decompression device and discharge excess pressure device to ensure stable output pressure and the use of safety. 
3.    With a bottle-for-sound and light alarm function and long-range pressure alarm function, simple and reliable .
4.    Direct pressure on the table, which could indicate clearly on both sides of the cylinder pressure and the export value of total exports pressure. 
5.    With gas filter can effectively block the gas of impurities Input Voltage: 220V, 50HZ, state power can still work.
6.    After pressure testing the entire system, safe and reliable, and the Peoples Republic of Medical Devices Registration. 
7.    The application of gas: oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide. 
8.    China in line with the Q / SVDQ 01-2005 and international standards IEC 601-4 (Medical system) standard. 

1.    Manually switch on both sides of the gas supply source for bottled gas. 
2.    Convergence using high-quality copper pipe processing system is pressure tested, safe and reliable.
3.    Pipeline connecting the use Silver solder, which can effectively prevent leakage. 
4.    Gantry structure, easy to install. 
5.    There overpressure emission devices, to ensure that the use of safety.
6.    With gas filter can effectively block the gas of impurities. 
7.    There are a variety of connectivity options, commonly used include: 3,2 * 2 * 10 * 5,2, etc. 
8.    The application of gas: oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide.
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