Medical Suction unit

Medical Suction unit

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Medical Suction unit:

 Our suctions consist of regulator, safety valve, suction jar, flow-proof switch and etc. 
1.    The suction jar and the pressure regulator are integrated.;
2.    Pin indexes of different standards are available for you to choose;
3.    Can  be installed onto bed head unit or be put on flat base;
4.    Pressure regulator with switch which can stop suctioning;
5.    types of probes: British standard, German(Din) standard, and American standard, or we can make probes according to your requirement. 
 6.    the bodies of which are all made of high quality and transparent poly carbon material. 
7.    Flowmeter is made of pure copper and is Chromium Plated.
BKD # 348127
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