Metal Super Mini Ring with Excellent Separating Effect

Metal Super Mini Ring with Excellent Separating Effect

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Metal Super Mini Ring Helps Improve Handling Capacity

Metal super mini ring, whose height-diameter ratio is about 1/3, is an annular random packing with short body and open-cell design. It has the same structure to the metal cascade mini ring. However, metal super mini ring substitutes recurved arc shape for trumpet-shaped edge to increase strength and homogenize gas-liquid distribution. It is also has the advantages of large flux, low pressure drop, excellent separating effect and high mass transfer efficiency. When being filled and set in the packing tower, metal super mini ring should be unified orientation to increase bulk numbers and improve handling capacity.\

High operational flexibility.
Large flux.
Low drop pressure.
Low resistance.
Not easy to scale.
Thin wall.
Large porosity.
Because of its thin wall, large flux, excellent separating effect and other advantages, metal super mini ring is especially an ideal choice for handling media which are heat-sensitive, easy to decompose, easy to polymerize and easy to carbonize.

Packaged in carton boxes, woven bags & jumbo bags.

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