Mifare Contactless Cards, RFID

Mifare Contactless Cards, RFID

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AVI Infosys LLC
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1005, Executive suite, 10th Floor The Park Place Tower, Trade Centre-1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, 26813, United Arab Emirates
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AVI-Infosys brings to you a complete range of hi-tech Mifare contactless cards which are not only stylish and durable but are also designed to fulfill multiple applications. They come both in standard ISO format as well as in the clam-shell format. ISO format cards are manufactured from high quality white PVC sheets and boast an impressive finish. The cards can have either a glossy or a mat finish surface and work well with special-purpose printers from several manufacturers. This allows you to customize the cards by printing the personalized identity of your choice directly on the cards. 

Mifare Contactless Cards from AVI Infosys provide the option of being used as multi-function cards by adding a magnetic strip. You have a choice of either a Hi-Co or a Loco. Customize these Mifare Contactless Cards for use and distribution as membership cards for loyalty and affinity programs, staff cards or ID cards. The cards which feature a magnetic strip provide an excellent way to store customer data right on the cards themselves. 

To learn more about Contactless Cards, you can call or write to us using our handy contact form on the Contact Us page. We will be more than happy to assist you with information and technical data.
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