Mifare Locker Lock System

Mifare Locker Lock System

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Locker Key Lock

E: Induction model,  S: With Software, T: With time  J: Golden color

Sports/Golf club, Spa and Public bath, Gym, Bowling center, Swimming pool, Roller and Ice rink, Airport, Mail box and so on where use-friendly require Locker room functions.

1. Use second-generation lock body, super quiet, anti-picklock.( get four domestic patent, Patent No.: 200910039872.8; 200920057547.X; 200920057543.1; 200920057544.6), to establish a new standard for cabinet lock industry;

2. Save power, this model of RFID Locker lock just use 3pcs 1.5V alkaline battery, ( in craft brother, use 4pcs ); 

3. Do not lose color for a long time, material for front panel is copper plating, ( in craft brother front panel material is zinc alloy plating, easy lose color and get macula);

4. Infrared sensor/electronmagnetic sensor to unlock the lock, press key is not necessary;

5. Automatic close the door and touch to close the door mode are selectable;

6. Hide knob, Anti-prize keyhole design, safe and practical;

7. Three level management software (master card, management card, guest card).

8. Hide external power supply plug, used in emergency situation to unlock the lock;

9. Battery low alarm mode.

10. Anti-prize alarm function.

8008E: Three class management mode, without software control. Master card (EM/ID) issue and management manager card, manager card issue and management user card ( uer card/service card )

8008ES:    Issue card (EM/ID) and management card by software (Primary Version ) and card reader. 

8008ES-T: Issue card (EM/ID) and management card by software ( Advance Version ) and card reader.

8008MS:   Issue card ( Mifare1 card ) and management card ( Mifare1 card ) by software ( Advance Version ) 

1. Unlock mode:
A. Automatic locking mode ( one card/two card )
B. Manual locking mode ( one card/two card )

2. Software Chose:
A. Primary Version, issue card and management card, can not download the unlock data ( for model 8008ES)
B. Advanced Version, issue card and management card, can download the unlock data with time by hand set, it means the time in the lock and software is synchronization ( for model 8008ES-T)

3. One Card/Two Card mode choose means: When initialize the lock, can choose unlock the lock by user card or by User Card with Service Card.

Card mode: depend on which model( EM/ID/Mifare 1 )
Power: DC4.5V, ( 3pcs alkaline battery )
Battery low alarm, when CPU working voltage low than 3.3V, it make alam, after alam can unlock 150 time.
Static Current: 10 uA
Dynamic Current: 200mA
Battery Life: 15000 times unlock in normal instance, 150 times after battery low alam.
Working Temperature: -20 degree to +70degree
Interface Function: Can Offer windows standard API function communication with other system.
Material: external: Copper
             Internal: Zinc die-casting and ABS
BKD # 206084

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