Military Standard Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing

Military Standard Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing

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135 ° C (3X) flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin, has excellent physicochemical and electrical properties. Typical applications include insulation of electrical connections, wire splices or terminals, rust and corrosion resistance for the soldered connections or joints, mechanical and wiring harness protection in electronics, communications, automotive, marine, aircraft manufacturing and other fields..

Meets AMS- DTL = 23053 /5 compatible UL 224, CAN / CSA C22.2 NO198.1 -99
Heat shrink ratio : 3:1
Flexible, highly flame retardant , swiftly shrinking , corrosion resistant to general chemical solutions, of stable performance
Min. shrink temperature : 84 
Min. full recovery temperature : 120 
Continuous operating temperature : -55  - 135 
RoHS Compliant
Standard colors: black, white, red , yellow , green , blue and ten other four international colors. More colors are available upon request.
BKD # 622863

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