mini coin gift

mini coin gift

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Niya signs, quality assurance, sincere service. 
Niya professional production of various kinds of metal craft gifts, keychain, bookmarks, cufflinks, badges, collar clip, golf hat clip, leather decorative buckle, mobile phones and other ornaments for the best business gifts companies. 

1, 1000 a number of existing mold, design Die in existing products, laser engraving or printing logo LOGO. Existing mold can be mold-free charges. 

2, a full range of production equipment, strict internal quality control to ensure good quality. 

3, material: zinc alloy, copper, iron, stainless iron, aluminum, stainless steel and so on. 

4, Specifications: key ring in the 3-4CM, thickness :2-3MM, tokens :2.5-2 .55 CM, thickness :2-2 .5 MM. In accordance with the production of your favorite other specifications. 

5, Plating: nickel, old nickel, black nickel, pearl nickel, gold, pearl gold, imitation gold, rose gold, old tin, silver, old silver, chrome, old bronze, old copper, white K (excluding nickel) White K Gold (no nickel). 

6, accessories: flat circle, aperture, chain, barbed horse needle, butterfly caps, safety pins, pin + bullet length, 8 characters deduction, from the folder, lobster clasp, hook, EVA, viscose, etc. High card cap.

7, Color: can be done in accordance with the design you want in color, standard color. 

8, Packing: plastic bags, earth covered cartons, gift boxes, can also be customized according to your request.
BKD # 205400

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